Previous Boards

Here you can find most of the registered boards of Sigma over the past years.
Simply use the table below.

Spring 2018

President: Chiel Dupont
Vice President: Antonia Kemmerling
Treasurer: Steyn Schouten
Public Relations Commissioner: Erdugan Gashi
Educational Commissioner: Sven Gülpen

Fall 2018

President: Benedikt Busch
Vice President: Georgi Georgiev
Treasurer: Steyn Schouten
Public Relations Commissioner: Moritz von Friesen
Educational Commissioner: Jan Christian Peter

Spring 2017

President: George Mircia
Vice President: Vytas Polujanskas
Public Relations: Johannes Schneider
Treasurer: Guy Bergmans
Educational Commissioner: Thomas Hu

Fall 2017

President: Luka Macak
Vice President: Fynn Bornat
Treasurer: Lars Rijkhoff
Public Relations Commissioner: Antonia Kemmerling
Educational Commissioner: Simon Freitag

Spring 2016

President: Christian Peters
Treasurer: Yannik Reitschmidt
Public Relations / Secretary: Johannes Fuss
External Relations: Robin Meertens
Educational Commissioner: Daniel Kasper

Fall 2016

President: Johannes Fuss
Treasurer: Maxwell Burda
Public Relations / Secretary: Clemens Schröer
External Relations: Daniel Kasper
Educational Commissioner: Ivo Langhans

Spring 2015

President: Ben Pickup
Treasurer: Heiko Verhaag
Public Relations / Secretary: Markus Kreus
External Relations: Vincent Smulders
Educational Commissioner: Maximilian Doetsch

Fall 2015

President: Maximilian Doetsch
Treasurer: Radomir Simic
Public Relations / Secretary: Alexander Shehata
External Relations: Vincent Smulders
Educational Commissioner: Tomec Rutten

Spring 2014

President: Timoteo Marra
PR Commissioner/Vice President: Florian Schiewald
Treasurer: Philipp Wassermann
External Relations: Jacqueline Hauptmann
Educational Commissioner: Moritz Lingens

Fall 2014

President: Jacqueline Hauptmann
Treasurer: Helena Krbilova
Public Relations / Secretary: Alexander Saftschuk
External Relations: Henry Turpie
Educational Commissioner: Sven Hermnann

Fall 2013

President: Maxime von Wallenberg Pachaly
PR Commissioner/Vice President: Justus Niemzok
Treasurer: Clarissa Hauptmann
External Relations: Timoteo Marra
Educational Commissioner: Steffen Thalmann

Spring 2012

President : Till Dünnwald
Public Relations : Thomas Maschinek
External Relations : Patrick Schmitz
Treasurer portfolio : Bernard Garos
Educational Commissioner : Pascal Ecker

Fall 2012

President : Till Dünnwald
Public Relations : Christian Neumann
External Relations : Maxime von Wallenberg Pachaly
Treasurer : Clarissa Hauptmann

Spring 2011

President : Robert Pohlhausen
Public Relations : Jesus Lanza Arancibia
External Relations : Bastian Greiner
Treasurer portfolio 1 : Jordy Hermanns
Treasurer portfolio 2 : Till Dünnwald
Educational Commissioner : Julius Probst

Fall 2011

President : Jordy Hermanns
Public Relations : Bernard Garos
External Relations : Patrick Schmitz
Treasurer portfolio 2 : Till Dünnwald
Educational Commissioner : Julius Probst

Spring 2010

President : Alexandra Kowalkowski
Public Relations : Lukas Helikum
External Relations : Oliver Fritz
Treasurer portfolio 1 : Peter Thomas
Treasurer portfolio 2 : Tobias Vosschmidt

Fall 2010

President : Robert Pohlhausen
Public Relations : Tassilo Roedern
External Relations : Carsten Ahrens
Treasurer portfolio 1 : Jordy Hermanns
Treasurer portfolio 2 : Jason Wijegooneratne
Educational Commissioner : Dominik Patryka

Spring 2009

President : Gregor Birkenbach
Public Relations : Salim Bakhsh
External Relations : Catharina Dyvik
Treasurer portfolio 1 : Alexander Simon
Treasurer portfolio 2 : Martin Rezaie

Fall 2009

President: Christian Grözinger
Public Relations: Christian Ruprecht
External Relations: Phillip Grütering
Treasurer portfolio 1: Oliver Will
Treasurer portfolio 2: Stefan Hadjidetschev

Spring 2008

President: Sebastian Kaufmann
Public Relations: Oliver Cameron-Hayes
External Relations: Danique van Eijk
Treasurer portfolio 1: Markus Kösters
Treasurer portfolio 2: Christian Grözinger

Fall 2008

President: Djamal Adib
Public Relations: Johannes Bayer
External Relations: Ruben Daemen
Treasurer portfolio 1: Marc Kosiahn
Treasurer portfolio 2: Markus Kosters

Fall 2007

President: Riccardo Ferreri
Public Relations: Petra Buschbacher
External Relations: Paul Gebhardt
Treasurer portfolio 1: Kersten Stamm
Treasurer portfolio 2: Leonie Steinlein

General Information on the Board

The board of Sigma Investments is responsible for the proper functioning of the investment club itself.
Members of the board hold various legal and educational responsibilities.

The functions within the board are allocated as follows:
Vice President / Secretary
Public Relations Commissioner
Educational Commissioner

Every semester you get the opportunity to apply for a board position. The details of this application are disclosed through Facebook or you can send us and email.

These are the key duties of the board: Determine the organization's mission and purposes. Ensure timely transactions and administration of transactions. Make sure the statutes of the foundation and rules of the house are protected. Organize educational events for our members, e.g. lectures, seminars, etc. Coordinate the communication with the board of other associations. Provide ongoing support and guidance for our members. Ensure adequate resources. Enhance Sigma Investments' awareness among students. Continuously assess its own performance. As a member of the board you have the unique possibility to gain a valueable experience for yourself. You have to solve problems within an organization and grow with each single problem you tackle as a member of the board.

Sigma Investments is advised by the advisory counsel of Sigma Investments. This advice counsel consists of several persons who are familiar with Sigma Investments and have gained experience in the Field or Finance and economics during their professional careers. The advisory counsel consists of the board of directors, chaired by the chairmen, several board members and one rotatable board members. The regular board member and chairmen fulfill their positions in the board of advisors for a longer period of time while the rotatable board only serves the board for one academic year or a period of one academic year. Most of the time the rotatable board position is fulfilled by a former board member of Sigma Investments. The rotatable board member is elected during the General Members Meeting of Scope Focus by all members of Scope Focus.

Currently the board of advisors consists of:
President : Prof. Dr. Piet Eichholtz
Board Member : Dr. Stefan Straetmans
Board Member : Jordy Hermanns
Board Member : Till Dünnwald