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Apply Theory

Directly put finance theory you studied to practice. Even if it's 1st year matter.


Meet interesting people, make new friends, and work together.

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You are very welcome to visit a meeting. An appointment is not required.

Learn About Investing

Gain general knowledge and experience about investing.


It might not be much, but your profit is yours.

Become Active

Become a financial analyst and gain valuable experience.

For important updates, events, and photos; Please visit our Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/SigmaInvestmentsClub/.

General Information: Sigma Investments is the student investment club of the School of Business and Economics of Maastricht University. It was founded in 1976 by students, it has since been Sigma’s main goal to bridge the gap between theoretical academia and the world of professional finance for business students. Sigma now aims to bring financial markets closer to everyone that is interested. To achieve these objectives, we hold weekly meetings in which we present industries and companies and provide students the opportunity to invest a portion of their own money in one of our portfolios. Also, members get the opportunity to become a junior or senior financial analyst and work together in groups to create stockpitches. We cooperate with several other associations of the School of Business and Economics, especially Scope, our parent organisation. Because Sigma Investments has a long history, the industry ties and alumni database have improved over the years, making it possible to organise interesting workshops and seminars.

What will you gain from joining? Sigma Investments is your possibility to gain valuable capital market knowledge and experience. Together with interested fellow students you have the possibility to propose stocks and derivatives for a portfolio investment. You can discuss and discover particularities about stock or derivative performance, risks or investment strategies with other members. Being a member of Sigma can boost your confidence to invest and in making important financial decisions. it aims to prepare you for successful personal wealth management in the future.

The Meetings

The regular meetings of Sigma Investments take place every Monday, starting at 7 p.m. at the School of Business and Economics. The structure of the meetings is as follows: first, an overview of the most important news headlines and an industy analysis are provided to the attendees. Second, financial developments (performance) of the portfolio and organisation are briefly explained. Finally, stockpitches take place and the members can vote; determining whether the financial instrument will be acquired or not. Usually, the meetings take about one hour. After the meetings, most of the members and visitors get together at the Preuverij for some socializing.
The language we use in our organisation is English, providing you the opportunity to improve your English.


If you have any remaining questions regarding our organisation you can always send us an email but you can also try to find the answers you need, by opening the Frequently Asked Questions page by clicking the button below:

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